Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prosperity With Joy and Enthusiasm

For most of us, there's a yearning for financial independence. Within the core of our being, we dream of being free from debt and financial stress. We have the buning desire to provide the best possible life for our family and loved ones, and we even feel the altruistic need to help humanity, and to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than we are.

For many of us, we saw the Internet as a medium to achieve our dream of financial freedom, but this dream may have been shattered very quickly by the criminal low lives that lurk around us. For some of us, the loss of funds not only left a huge dent in our financial future, but our phyche, trust and dreams have also been badly beaten. Some may have lost all hope, and made the wise decision to quit before getting stuck any deeper into the laberinth of deceipt, while others, like myself, believe that on the other side of darkness, there is always light, and we're determined to find it.

For those of us who chose to continue this journey into the future, we must not lose sight of the intention that brought us to HYIPLand in the first place. That intention is our strength, our truth, and our motivating force. Everything else is temporary. They're just bumps in the road which will force us to seek a better path, if we keep focused on our intention to create wealth for ourselves and our loved ones.

It is a reality that HYIPland is be a very harsh and cruel place, and one must approach everything with a critical mind, and a good dose of skepticism; but do not allow fear, paranoia or any negative frame of mind and emotions to take a hold of you. We live in a world of though, and every thought we emit, every word we utter, is a strong spark of seed energy that goes out into the Universe, and will produce a fruit of its kind. We create our own experiences by the activity of our thinking. Everything manifested in our lives has its origin in our thought..

There are already changes taking place in HYIPland. Many HYIP players are demanding more transparency from program owners, which will bring more honest administrators to the surface. I also envision that there will be more wealth building opportunities arising in the future that will steer away from ponzies and even Forex investing, giving us more options, and more opportunities to explore other investing vehicles, and be able t really diversify our online investment portfolio.

There're also other reliable wealth building options available to us right now online, such as Niche Marketing, which I'm presently exploring for myself. They may not be as passive as HYIP investing, but the initial outlay of research, planning and implementation can yield a substantial passive income for a long time. The thing to remember is that these are just channels through which Life fulfills our desire. Our real source of wealth and prosperity is Life which is ever giving of Itself. We live in a bountiful Universe, and the prosperity we seek can come to us through totally unexpected channels.
"Everything in the Universe is for us... We must receive, utilize and extend the gift, Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people, but not necessarily used by all people." - Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind.

As we move forward into the future, let's do so with optimism, hope, joy and gratitude for the opportunity life is giving us to fullfil our heart's desire, because our longing for wealth is nothing but our being seeking to express itself to the fullest.

 "The real secret to success is enthusiasm."

--Walter Chrysler

Love, Health & Prosperity

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