Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome To Azure's Place

If anyone had told me just a couple of months ago that I'd be blogging, my response would have been a categorically "no way" . I simply did not feel like taking on the responsibility of having to frequently write and update a blog.

However, I find that I spend a lot of time emailing, and replying to PMs from forum members seeking information and guidance so, here I am blogging away. Hopefully, I'll be able to help more people via this medium, than I can possible do through a static website or email.

I've started this blog as a place where I can share my thoughts about the HYIP and autosurf industry, and chronicle my own experiences in my quest for making money on the Internet.

Everything in life has a yin and a yan/good and bad, and the world of HYIP is no different, in the sense that it too has its yin and yan, it's just that the scales in HYIPland tip heavily on one side.

HYIPland is a very harsh world that's full of deceipt, and scammers. There's an aura of pessimism and fear that permeates this world; however, I'm a firm believer that "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind". I believe that our individual worlds, the things that we perceive around us, and how we perceive them, are a projection of the thoughts we hold about them. If we're paranoid, pessimistic and fearful about anything we do, the outcome will be haunting. On the other hand, positive, hopeful, optimistic and cheerful thoughts will always produce bright results in one form or another.

So, after experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions in my high yield investment journey, and being almost paralyzed by fear due to all the losses and deceipt I had experienced, I decided that I had three options: I could continue to play this game with fear, and continue to lose money at every turn, I could quit or, I could choose to see this as another opportunity life has opened up for me on my path to financial prosperity; have fun, and take the journey with optimism and gratitude.

I chose to see the glass half full. That was about 8 months ago, and since then, I've been having fun. I've had a few loses, and I've been briefly disappointed when programs like 12DP and Wired Surf had to close, but for the larger part, I've been doing quite well with my HYIP and autosurf investments.

So, welcome to my blog, and thanks for visiting. I'll always strive to be as unbiased and honest as possible in my observations, and I'm always available at the HYIPDiscussion forum. I'm just a PM away if you ever need my help.

Hope you visit often.

Health, Love & Prosperity